I am an incurably enthusiastic soul and a curious mind who aspires to make the world a better place through education. On a daily basis, I wear, like many of you, several hats: a dedicated mom, teacher, researcher…and above all, an active dreamer. A person who strives every day to take full responsibility for her boundless dreams and adventurous ideas. Who deeply believes in the power of self-improvement.

I’ve always been a dreamer, even if in today’s society people fear dreaming. I strongly believe that we should never allow our dreams to expire because of doubts, lack of action, judgement. Deep inside, we fear dreaming because it takes courage to become vulnerable. To take risks. To take actions and potentially fail. After all, “fear kills more dreams than failure ever will” (Dale Partridge).


Armanda Stroia teaching online.

Most people cannot cross the finish line with their goals or dreams, not because they don’t have the right resources, but simply because they tend to be carried away. We all tend to be carried away by the waves of daily responsibilities, tasks, pressure. So, finally, we lose the connection with ourselves, with our core values, dreams, and aspirations. As I am a giving person, it is a real struggle to say no, to refuse. Thus, I ended up feeling like I had completely given my life agenda to other people, forgetting to do meaningful work for me.

My journey has taught me so far to deconstruct so many of my preconceived ideas about people, life, society, and, especially about myself. It taught me how to block time for what truly matters. To have the bravery to go against the status quo instead of embracing it, the confidence to persevere, the conviction to disagree.

I learned how easily we lose sight of why we set on the journey. Indeed, we see only the obstacles, and we get paralyzed by fear and overwhelmed by the challenges ahead. My daily struggles to seek clarity, develop effective atomic habits, contribute and achieve helped me realize that I needed to follow my own roadmap.


I have been teaching English for more than ten years with the same passion, energy, and commitment to make a difference in my pupils’ lives. In fact, identifying learning opportunities and solutions for my personal and professional growth are activities that drive and inspire me.

My research interests include integrating soft skills into language learning, LGDM (Learner-Generated Digital Media), and creative approaches to enhance students’ motivation.

My deep driving purpose is to reinvent myself daily, to identify solutions for nurturing my students’ creativity, confidence, and competence. I strive to create an environment where pupils feel safe to make mistakes and to embrace a growth mindset. Through my research interests and articles for international conferences, I hope to empower teachers to create a transformative learning experience.


My six years of Ph.D. journey has given me powerful insights on life and high-performance productivity tools.

Undoubtedly, this challenging period stretched my limits in the struggle to reach a balance in my personal and professional areas. During the process, I had to learn how to juggle with diverse yet fascinating roles: a mom of a nine-month toddler constantly craving for her full attention, a teacher, a manager of an Erasmus+ grant I won for my institution, a co-founder of Aspire and Be.

However, this challenging experience taught me how to stay committed to my goals and dreams. It taught me how to find the best resources, tools, and strategies to transform my aspirations into tangible outcomes.


I am grateful for constantly developing my teaching skills with insights from courses and scholarships around Europe (Exeter, Cambridge, Helsinki, Porto, Rome), for having the chance to create value, to inspire pupils and teachers, to open their mindset window for endless possibilities.

Recently, I have won the IATEFL Bill Lee scholarship (2020) for my creative approaches to student-generated content. I am excited to present the results of my ongoing research at Harrogate in 2021.

Above all, I am grateful to see every day as a gift, filled with endless possibilities to grow and learn. I aspire to transform lives through the power of education. To nourish my students’ courage to dream big despite their fears and self-limiting beliefs. To be curious and explore. To create and discover what makes their hearts tick with passion. To become the happiest most authentic versions of themselves.

An image of a teaching learning approach called INSPIRE.